Friday, 23 October 2015

ANGEL WITIHN (2nd book in the Fallen Angels Series) Coming to Audible!


I am very excited right now. Scott Richard Ehredt who recored the audiobook Demon Within , is now ready to start work on the next book in the series, Angel Within.

I have to confess I have been pleasantly surprised with sales of the audiobook and didn't realise how popular they are. I believe I've found a new way to 'read' while I'm working

Check out the link and listen to the sample for Demon, you will be amazed!!

Don't forget you can hear all samples, see video's of trailers and get the synopsis of all my books on my official site I have a special freebie for anyone subscribing - a free download of FANTAZIA

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Just Books: Demon Within by Julie Nicholls

An 'AWESOME' review for Demon Within, first book in the Fallen Angels Series by Rainne. You should chec out her blogs for other reviews. She's a passionate reader!

Thank you Rainne!

Just Books: Demon Within by Julie Nicholls: Julie Nicholls is an awesome story-teller. Demon Within is a well-written book, that trips along at a good pace. There were steamy scene...

Friday, 2 October 2015

Listen to an excerpt from #audiobook Demon Within

I've uploaded another sample from Demon Within Audiobook. The narrator, Scott Richard Ehredt is fabulous, and this scene is what I posted on ACX when I first put the book up for offers of producing the audio, and Scott was fabulous! He blew me away, and so of course, he got the gig.

You can listen to the snippet youtube Demon Within or via Soundcloud
You can purchase Demon Within on Amazon or Audible direct. It is also availabel on iTunes.

Jen Winters added to 'Awesome Authors' Page

Do you know Jen Winters? Well if you don't, you should get to know her... and check out her books. All links to book, synopsis and covers are on click the link!!