Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Last post for the Positive monthly blog tour!

Hey Everyone!! :-)

As our month of positivity is coming to an end, it seems like a good time to reflect on the things we've learned and the goals we've created for ourselves.

As I, Barbara Chioffi, reflect on this month, sharing with my fellow bloggers has meant so much. We all need a support system that is uplifting and filled with positivity, and that is what has made this month so special. Each of us has our own methods to deal with those days when nothing seems to go right, whether it be meditation, music, dance, humor, art, sharing a friend's work, or reflecting on our blessings. Life is short, filled with pitfalls but also with happy moments with family and good friends. Success is also important, but never at the expense of others. Looking at someone else's life with envy only diminishes you. Find those with like minds and lift each other up at every opportunity. Be kind for it costs nothing and may make a difference for someone that means more than you will ever know. Share your good fortune in small ways... a pat on the back, encouragement where there is doubt, and a belief that we can accomplish great things. And lastly, believe in yourself. You are amazing!

Before my, Jen Winters', 25th birthday, I was a happy-go-lucky young woman. I was able to see the world through rosy glasses and I laughed a lot. My entire life was all about joy. After my 25th birthday, things went down hill. A lot of stuff happened (some of it was my fault some of it was not) that sent me spiraling into darkness. I've clawed my way out of that pit of despair, but really, I don't think I have been so happy in the last seven years as I have been this month. Really focusing on the positive and having friends that have kept me meditating on goodness and light all month has changed my basic outlook. I don't know how effective this tour has been for you or my cohorts, but for me, I am so much happier. I thought I was happy before, I thought that I was as good as I was going to get, but I was wrong. I am a better person now than I was on June 1st; happier; easier going; less stressed; a better mother and wife. I just want to say, Thank you--for sharing this month with me, for returning me to a previous state of happiness that I didn't think I would ever get back to, and for sharing this journey with me.

Hey, Savannah Morgan here. I just wanted to share a few last thoughts with everyone. This is a bittersweet post for me; bitter because this wonderful Positivity Blog Tour is at an end, sweet because I’ve learned so much and will take that knowledge with me from here on out. I’ve also had an abundance of feeling great, thankful, and less stressed. People around me have mentioned I’m smiling more and seem to have really found my zen. LOL I do feel lighter, happier, and more positive. I’ve started several new projects this month on top of my writing, and where I would usually feel stressed at my heavy workload, fearful of not completing all that I have going on, or worse, falling on my face; I feel energized, ready to meet the next challenge, and ready to go forward with positive thoughts and more confidence. This time with Mistral Dawn, Barbara Chioffi, Jen Winters, Julie Nicholls and Susan Ricci has been, for me, a real camaraderie and has not only brought me new writer companionship, but budding friendships to carry me forward. It has been such a blessing having these ladies in my daily life, and I hope we continue as we move into new frontiers, projects, and life in general. I know I will take the deep, provocative thoughts, the meditative exercises, and a new appreciation for music, positive connections, and a better understanding for appreciating the small joys in everyday life I have learned from each of them. In honor of what I’ve learned this month, and due to the fact that I feel it is a topic worth revisiting frequently, I will be incorporating a weekly segment into my blogging where I dedicate the daily post to Positivity. If you would like to continue your positive thinking journey with me then be sure to stop by STG Blog every Monday morning. I think that is the best day to dedicate to this topic. It gives a nice, fresh, positive kickoff to the week. Thank you again for joining us this month. I hope you enjoyed reading our thoughts on positivity. I hope you were able to incorporate at least some of it into your daily life. Lastly, I hope you know just how essential you are to the world and to me. Go forward in peace, positivity, and prosperity

Good morning friends, Julie Nicholls here. I want to post my final piece here and hope you think it's not too dippy downy lol. The positive blog tour is at an end and I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I. I want to leave you with these final words and how I feel. It’s very easy to be critical of people who don’t meet up to our standards and I confess to being a ‘not so kind’ person in my past as I was growing up. I’ve learned to understand that just because someone acts a certain way, doesn’t mean they are at fault, it means they could need help. Throughout my internet life, which is only about five years, I’ve met some nasty people who love nothing more than to ridicule what a person does or attempts, and it’s a little sad in a way. But I want to tell you how I’ve turned that negativity around. I continue with my work and my personal pursuits and just send love, light, and peace to those negative people because they need help. They are lacking in something important in their life, be it love, friendship or something else, and so they feel the need to set themselves up on a pedestal and ridicule others. I don’t let these people stop me, they make me stronger, they feed me and in turn I turn it into positive energy and feed others who need compassion or a shoulder to cry on, someone to vent off at or even just a kind word. My fellow bloggers are amazing people and I love each and everyone of them: Mistral, Barbara, Jen, Savannah and Susan, thank you for sharing, and thank you for allowing me to be part of your positive life. Be good to yourself and to others, be positive in all that you do, forgive and move on, don’t carry unwanted baggage because it will only hold you back. Love, light and peace.

Hi, Susan Ricci here. First, I’d like to express my gratitude for Mistral Dawn’s awesome invitation to participate in the Positivity Blog Tour this past month. I’d also like to thank the group – Barbara, Julie, Jen, and Savannah for welcoming me aboard and befriending me. You all rock, that’s a given. Plus, you all have special gifts and it’s been a wonderful month getting to know all of you through your daily blogs. Positivity is an unsurpassed and helpful way to live your life. It’s what society, as a whole should be embracing, instead of the negativity surrounding our sometimes-cynical culture. I’ve gotten myself into trouble a few times by not watching my negative comments about others, people I either know, or don’t. This blog tour has taught me to measure my words more carefully, before I shove the proverbial foot into the cavern known as my mouth, and that’s a blessing. I’ve been called a snark-a-doodle a time or three, for good reason by my own husband, and this has been an embarrassment. However, with the tools I’ve gathered from ALL of your posts, ladies, I can and have already amended my snarkish tendencies. When life’s challenges sneak up from behind, instead of lashing out, I now fall back on those gentle reminders regarding the little things that better our lives. The coloring book designs, the meditation posts, the dreams, finding your auras, the posts about faith and values - ALL the lovely thoughtful suggestions via your amazing shares. Please know I’ll be always trying to be a little kinder. Bless your sweet hearts and have a wonderful summer. Let’s stay in touch, shall we?

Hi everyone, Mistral Dawn here. I think the most important things that I've learned this month are that it's the small things that count. The words we choose when we speak to or about other people, how we describe ourselves, the fleeting moments we have to build each other up or tear each other down, the little things we do to relax and enjoy ourselves, and what attitude we choose to view the world through. All of these things are critical to maintaining a positive outlook, and (hopefully) to achieving happiness. We're all imperfect, we all make mistakes, and we all have insecurities and secret fears, so it's imperative that we are all patient with each other's flaws and gentle with each other's souls. With these things in mind, I've given myself the goals of being more careful with my words with regards to how I speak about myself and others, trying not to lash out in the heat of anger or frustration, to always attempt to find a silver lining in every situation, of taking time to relax and appreciate all of the good things in my life, and of looking for opportunities to do something nice for someone else every day. I'll be keeping track of my progress in a journal, and I'll also keep track of how I feel at the end of each day. Hopefully, if I'm able to succeed at these goals, I, and the people around me, will start feeling happier and more optimistic about the world.

So in wrapping up our positivity month, we urge you all to look for opportunities to be kind and thoughtful towards others, to try to find a way to turn a negative into a positive, to take the time to engage in activities you find fun and relaxing, and to just take a moment to appreciate everything that's good in your life. We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have, and we'd also love to hear from you! So if you don't mind sharing, please tell us what your thoughts are in the comments. Happy Summer Everyone!! :-)

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Saturday, 27 June 2015

#99cent for a #fantasy #Romance book!

Hey Peeps,
Demon Within, first book in the FallenAngels series is just 99Cents and will be for a few days. Do you have your reading matter sorted for the weekend yet? Give it a try! You'll love Kai, Sabe and Jace...great story, great characters and sizzling sex.
Check out the reviews, all genuine and not one from a professional review on amazon, all verified purchases.

To be... or not to be... positive

Hey Peeps,
Well, that's the question isn't it? lol.

Over the last few weeks myself and friends have been making posts to focus on being positive, and this one today will my last and so I'd like to leave you with something very simple.

It's very easy to fall along the dark path where you make up situations in your head about what she/he is going to do/say, or what will happen...and you and I both know, it never does! Am I right? I know I'm not the only one that does this, and it's a difficult trait to get out of, so the next time you find yourself 'creating' the argument or situation that won't happen, take a few deep breaths, take yourself to a quieter place, and concentrate on your breathing. Start bringing positive thoughts into your mind and focus on that instead of on the negative ones, and you'l find the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

I'm no guru, I can only tell you what works for me, and having been a suffer of stress I know first hand what it's like to create that huge, dark cloud and drag it with me everywhere I go.

Being positive doesn't depend on how much money you have or don't have, it's a state of mind, and as long as you realize your energy, be it negative or positive, has an effect on others. So start pushing out that positive vibe !!

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Only a few more days left for the Positive Blog tour

Hey peeps,
We're almost done with our positive blog tour, and there are just a few more positive posts left, here's another fabulous one from Savannah's Thought Garden.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Keeping on with the Positive monthly blog post

Hey peeps
Here's another fabulous post to keep you positive from Barb's Contemplation's.

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First day of release for Stress Buster!

Hey Peeps

Have you ordered your copy of Stress Buster yet? I'm showing you some of the designs that are in the book, there are 30 to choose from...something for everyone!

I've made the book now available on kindle...i know, you're thinking...wtf?? I didn't realise that it's possible to print out pages from a kindle..so..there ya go. Learn something new everyday!

If you purchase the paperback you will also be entitled to get the kindle version free! Hows that?

Stress Buster will be available on kindle within the next 24 hours... in the mean time...here's something for you to look at.

Monday, 22 June 2015


Hey Peeps
Angel Within, the 2nd book in the Fallen Angels series is only 99C for a few days. Available at Amazon.
..go get it!

Adult coloring book on its way!

Hey peeps,
Have you heard how coloring can help reduce stress? Wanna try? I've just completed my coloring book and it's available today on Createspace!

I've really enjoyed compiling this book, the patterns and images are all my own creation and I know you're going to have hours of fun while coloring.
Here's just one of the designs, download it and try it out !

Friday, 19 June 2015

Positive monthly blog - Meditation with color

Hey Peeps!
In our last session I took you on a guided visualization. Today we’re going to do another one, but this time we’ll concentrate on your aura.
I’m not going to go into detail of what the aura is as I’m sure the majority of peeps already know, but what you may not know is that everyone’s is a different color. Depending on what type of person we are…and what we’re doing, determines the color.
For example, I happen to know mine is usually cyan blue in my natural state, which is the color for communication, but if I meditate or channel, it changes.
Emotional and physical damage can show in a person’s aura and by doing this visualization we will help to restore the color to our aura and also help repair the chakra’s.
… and again, I won’t go into details about the chakra’s but you should know the 7 major ones each have a specific color assigned to them
The crown – violet
The brow – indigo
The throat – blue
The heart – green
The stomach/solar plexus – yellow
The sacral (groin) – orange
The base – red
Let’s begin by settling in a chair or lay flat on the bed, or the floor depending on where it is most comfortable for you.
Settle into a relaxed state by counting the breaths as we did in our first session…once you feel relaxed I want you to imagine your body is surrounded by violet light. In your mind, see it flow around your body and then as you breathe in, take in the violet color and let it pour into the top of your head. Imagine the chakra on your head as a wheel, which is spinning clockwise and let the violet color flow through it and into your body.
Now do the same again but this time visualize the color indigo… let is swirl around you before drawing it into your brow chakra and into your body.
Once more do this with the color blue, and when you draw it into your body, it comes in via the throat chakra.
Continue now with the color green and bring this into your heart chakra and then yellow, which comes in through your stomach/solar plexus chakra.
We’re almost done, two more… The next one is orange which you will draw in through your sacral chakra before the final color red which comes in through the base chakra.
Now take a moment, breath and relax and imagine all of these beautiful colors inside and outside of your body.  Relax and take your time, there’s no rush…stay for as long as you are able and once you are ready to stop let the colors slowly disappear.
I want you to imagine you are wrapped in a huge cloak, which you pull over your head to cover the chakra at the top and wrap it all around you, covering all the other points where we’ve been concentrating the colors and once you are completely enveloped, you may open your eyes .
You should feel relaxed, stress free and full of energy.
I hope you take the time to continue with this meditation technique, I have found it very helpful to me in the past, and I trust you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Thank you for joining me.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Be #Positive with a guided #visualisation

Hey peeps!

Thank you for returning to check out my second post in the positive blog tour. If you recall my first post, it covered a breathing technique which is very helpful for bringing calm and helping to center one’s self. Today I’m going to go one step further and help you follow a guided visualization.
As before, you need to make yourself comfortable, either lying flat on your back, or sitting in a comfortable chair, without crossing your legs or arms.
Now start your breathing, remember we count to four and take a breath in on one, out on two, in on three and out on four.  Continue with this until you feel at ease.
I want you to imagine that you’re looking at the tips of your toes on both of your feet, see them clearly, and point the toes. Do this only in your mind…and then release. Repeat this and move upwards towards your ankles. Again, see your feet in your mind, point the toes and tense the ankles and release…as before you need to do this twice. Continue in this method as you move up to your calves…then your thighs… your hips. Check your breathing and continue upwards to your stomach and your chest…focus on the breaths as they draw in and out…don’t rush…be calm. You will begin to feel more and more relaxed as you continue down each arm, to your fingers and then to your face. Concentrate on your face and feel the tiny muscles in your face relax as you continue the visualization of tensing muscles, then releasing.
Now once you’ve moved from toes to head, you can rest long by continuing with your breathing…or sleep… or slowly open your eyes and continue with your day.

You should feel wonderful and refreshed. I hope you do! Because I want you to join me next time for another guided visualization where we’ll concentrate on the aura.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Monday, 8 June 2015

Continuing the Positive Blog Tour!

Good day peeps!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend...and are ready for another Positive Post! Today's is brought to you by Mistral Dawn...her blog, Mistral's Musings hosts the post...you can get it here.Mistral's Musings

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Friday, 5 June 2015

Positive Monthly Blog Tour

Hey peeps, I hope you're enjoying all the posts?

As part of the tour, here's my post and thoughts and hopefully after reading, you'll join me for another session.♥

As part of the monthly blog tour, myself and a few other authors have dedicated the whole of June to posting positive thoughts, images, idea’s and expressions on our blogs to help those who feel they are in a rut or who just need to see things from the other side of the fence.
I’m living in Bulgara, a beautiful country and my home is in the countryside, where I’m surrounded by peace and tranquility, but my life wasn’t always this peaceful.
Rather than boring you with the sadness in my life… of the death of my father when I was 20, and my mother when I was 28, and the loss of my brother when he was only 42, plus numerous other events…I want to tell you about something wonderful.
I’ve always had an interest in tarot cards and the occult… but from the positive side of the occult…and in pursuit of this I learned many skills, medium-ship, tarot card reading, color reading, rune stones and a few other things…but all of these tools were useless without one thing…I had to center myself.
Was is centering? It’s about finding peace inside yourself. As we grow, our minds and aura fill with negativity after each injury we received either physically or emotionally, and over time, this weighs heavy. The expression, 'Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders' comes to mind..and with some people this is true.
All the emotional baggage grows, and with each assault, it continues to grow…and without realizing, we become weighed down. So how can we remove this? I will tell you.
Meditation is a powerful tool and there are many forms, some simple…and some a little more involved…so to begin, I’m going to set you on a daily ask…for just 10 minutes. Wanna try?
Find a place in your home or garden where you are happy, for me, its outside in the shade in my garden, choose your surroundings were there will be no interruptions for 10 minutes and sit comfortably or lay if you wish.
Do not cross your arms or legs, try and sit or lay so the channels of energy can flow.
Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing…count in for one…and out for two….in for  three…and out for four… don’t think of anything else…other than your breathing…
I know you’re all thinking… ‘what’s the point?’ Well as you try, you’ll realize that thoughts pop into your head, and so its not so easy to think of just breathing.
Concentrating the mind on this one thing for 10 minutes is the basis for the next meditation you will learn.

In my next post, I’ll take you on a guided visualization, where you can learn to relax further and bring inner peace.

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Demon Within...A fabulous fantasy #romance read for the #weekend

Hey peeps,
It's coming up to weekend...have you got something to read yet? NO???? Maybe you needs an epic fantasy romance filled with plots, twists, hot sex and lovable characters? Demon Within is right up your alley! Need convincing?

‘I need you.’ He breathed roughly.
A gentle tug of her hair, and delicate lips against her neck caused Eloise to moan softly. Kai’s hot breath warmed her skin as he travelled down her neck to her shoulder. Lost in a moment where negative thoughts faded into darkness, her eyes closed as she surrendered to his caressing touch.
Feeling hardness against her belly, Eloise lowered her hands, and ran her fingers along the top of the towel to Kai’s hips, shuddering when his tongue flicked up her throat and traveled towards her ear, nibbling at the sensitive lobe.
Breathing in sharply, her mind overcome with passion, Eloise whispered against his warming skin. ‘Show me how much you need me, Kai.’
Kai stilled, his body was on fire with need.
Releasing her hair from his grip, Kai’s hands moved to her back and tore without patience at the ribbon holding her dress together; the need to feel Eloise’s bare flesh against his was urgent and desperate. A sharp gasp spilled from her parted lips, exciting him further. Pushing the fabric off her shoulders, he scooped her into his arms then carried her towards the bed and gently released her. Without protest, she clawed at the overlap of the towel and tugged it free as he joined her on the bed. Kai’s wild eyes widened; seeing her equally needy to touch and feel him caused a feral growl to rumble up from his chest. Eloise threw the towel to the side and raked her eyes over his magnificent form, a blush rising to her cheeks when her eyes rested on his cock.
Eloise stared at the thick muscle now grasped by Kai’s hand as he smoothed it over his erection. She breathed out, trembling and unknowing of what was to follow; her voice broke out with a whimper.
Kai knelt on the edge of the bed between her legs; her nakedness concealed by delicate fabric covering Eloise’s breasts and sex, he needed to see her, all of her. He couldn’t contain the low growl that escaped even if he tried. Moving his hand from his cock, his fingertips moved to her slender thighs. She blushed when fingers slipped higher, her head fell to the side, as she looked away.
‘Look at me.’
She reluctantly turned her head to his husky command.
‘It’s just us here.’

Breathing harder when his hands continued up towards her sex, she gasped when fingers slid beneath her linen undergarment. She watched his eyes widen, bright green orbs slowly moving from her face to study her body. Her chest expanded as his fingers disappeared beneath her garment. Turning his hand over, he bunched the linen together and tugged hard, ripping the ribbons holding it in place before dropping it to the floor. Eloise’s cry made his cock twitch; her throaty gasp caused a carnal noise to rumble up from deep inside. Kai’s eyes were drawn between her legs and she moved to cover herself, but his hands reached and pushed them away quickly.

Positive monthly blog tour

Good Morning peeps!

I hope you're all enjoying the tour and are ready for another fabulous post?  Please check out Savannah's Thought Garden  and bring a little positivity to your day!!

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Positive monthly blog tour!

Good Morning peeps!

Continuing with our theme of positive thoughts, please check out Barbara's post on her blog, it's quite inspiring and I'm sure once you've checked it out, it will bring a little sunshine to your day.

Reveries from Barb

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Positive Blog Tour!

Hi Everyone!! :-)

Indie authors Jen Winters, Susan Ricci, Julie Nicholls, Savannah Morgan, Mistral Dawn, and Barbara Chioffi have come together for June to give you a month's worth of positive thoughts. Each of these authors has their reasons for doing this, but they all hope to make your month a little brighter.

Hey everyone! I'm Jen Winters, a paranormal romance writer, who does mom things including homeschooling. I'm so pleased to be a part of this blog tour because I get to bring exciting news from positive sources and being part of the indie world of romance writer's has been the very best experience for me. The women who are participating in this month's tour have been wonders of light in my life and I get to be with them all month long! So get ready! We are going to bring you into a better place this month!

Happy June, everyone! I’m Susan Jean Ricci, an Indie author who loves reading every genre out there, but pens humorous, contemporary romances dubbed the Cindy’s Crusades Series. I’ve recently published a novella in the Blush genre called My Sexy Chef, the first in a new series, and a complete change of pace for me. I’m excited to be participating in Positivity Month with these fabulously talented authors, because we all share a common interest - humanity has much to be grateful for, but sometimes that’s forgotten. Perhaps a few gentle reminders about those blessings, via our posts, will lighten people’s hearts or help them overcome a challenge they’re facing on a daily basis. Please join us so we may bring you joy if there’s sorrow, or maybe just a chuckle or two.

Hi, I’m Julie Nicholls, the owner of Fallen Angel’s blog and I’m here with my fellow authors in the Positivity Blog tour because having being stuck in a negative rut and stressed, I know that being positive helps me get through the rough days. So you’re probably wondering what craziness I’m going to spout about? Something quite simple, but effective. So come and join me and I’ll give you a reason to smile.

I’m Savannah Morgan, and I write in several different genres. I’m the author of the Sapphire Spring Series, which are my erotic contemporary titles. I also have a contemporary suspense series that just came out called Deadly Flowers. And finally, I write a little PNR as well. You might have heard of my Touch of the Irish: A Collection of Erotic Fantasies. I decided to participate in this project for two main reasons. First, I know what negativity can do to a person. I also know what the power of positive thinking can do for a individual. Secondly, I’ve been noticing a rather nasty trend of negative thinking, hateful posts, and people suffering from severe depression on social media. I’m proud to be involved in something geared to change that. We all have moments when it’s hard to pull ourselves out of the mire. It is at those moments we need to come together as a community and show the one suffering there is a better way. My hope for this project is for it to reach enough to make a difference, and be seen by those who want to take up the banner and do their own positive posting.

I'm Mistral Dawn and I'm the author of fantasy, romance novels Taken By The Huntsman and Bound By The Summer Prince. I decided to participate in this project because I've noticed a lot of negative things happening lately. I've heard some people speak unkindly to others, and I've seen things that hurt my heart. My hope is that this project might help reverse that negative trend somewhat, and bring a little happiness to our readers. If even one person smiles I'd consider that a triumph. :-)

Hello, my name is Barbara Chioffi and I am a 73-year old retired music teacher. I live with my hubby, son, and ten cats- yes, ten. I've been writing most of my life...family stories and poems, most recently, romance. I can't help but think of how blessed I've been to make the acquaintance of so many authors, each with their own brand of craziness. I've never read as much as I have recently and have experienced laughter, tears, frustration, fear, and romance, lots of romance. As my circle grows, learning from these talents has helped enhance my own writing. And that is as it should be...helping each other, giving each other confidence...not backbiting and using other writers to promote yourself. I've noticed that more than I would like to mention, and perhaps, that is why this introvert has decided to become a part of this positive blog tour. In the learning process, I've stepped on a few toes, as I imagine others might have, but only from inexperience. It's simple...trust yourself enough to allow others to shine a little and don't step on their light. It will only diminish your own in the end.

So there are some wonderful reasons for wanting to participate in this little project. For the rest of the month, one author per day (with four free days during the month) will post about their thoughts for that day, and the rest of them will post the link to that author's blog. That way all of you fine folks will have the opportunity to visit some new blogs, and maybe discover some fun new reads along with your positive thoughts for the day. Hopefully you readers will have as much fun with this as the authors!! Happy reading everyone, and have a great June!! :-)

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