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Review for Kissing Demons by Jen Winters

Hey Peeps,
I've just finished reading Kissing Demons and thoroughly enjoyed it. I confess, I've not read much over the last few months as I've been concentrating on my own book and I was lucky enough to win this book in a give-away from the authors take over on a page.
Jen Winters is a talented writer and this shows in her writing. A well developed story together with believable characters made this engaging and captivating.
There are many paranormal romance books available at this moment, and it's difficult to be noticed, but this exceptional read deserves a high place in the Amazon rankings and priced at just would be crazy to not give it a try.

Guardian Geneva Archer might be more infamous than famous among the supernaturals in Ft. Worth, but when a sexy werewolf enters her territory, she finds herself face to face with her worst fear: save humanity or save her soulmate?

After 800 years of guarding humanity from the things that make your hair stand on end in the dead of night, Geneva Archer is given a two-week vacation to work out her feelings of loneliness and refresh her spirit. With time on her hands, she goes to her favorite club: a place for supernaturals to gather without worrying about human interference. While there, she meets Alex, a compelling werewolf with a demonic side. But instead of blasting him back to hell like her instincts would normally tell her to do, Geneva falls head over heels.

For Alex, Geneva is an answer to prayer. She can free him from the most notorious demon walking the earth—his father. Yuruch isn’t interested in his offspring’s life, just his body—the perfect body for a demon to inhabit. With Alex’s body and powers, Yuruch will become nearly invincible, able to wreak his hellish destruction on humanity from an impenetrable fortress.

In order to get his hands on Alex, Yuruch kidnaps one of Geneva’s sisters, luring both her and Alex into an ambush. After the botched rescue mission, Alex is possessed by Yuruch, leaving Geneva with a dead sister, a destroyed city and no way to get her soulmate back without giving Yuruch everything he desires.

Can Geneva figure out a way to defeat Yuruch and save Alex without sacrificing the very best of humanity in the process? Does she even want to?

Mistral Dawn's Musings: #April #IndieBooksBeSeen #BookReview! #Dual #Revie...

Mistral Dawn's Musings: #April #IndieBooksBeSeen #BookReview! #Dual #Revie...: Hey Everyone!!! :-) It's the 18th again, and I have two reviews for you this month! :-)  Both are from #awesome #indie #authors,...

Thank you Mistral for that fabulous review of Angel Within!!!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sneaky naughty peek from Angel Within

Hey peeps!
Thought you might like a sneaky peek from the 2nd book in the fallen angels series...just to wet your the saying goes.

Nissa moved both hands to grip his hips and swallowed the hot liquid before he could finish his sentence. Violently jutting against her mouth, he cursed and threw back his head, while groaning his orgasm with each thrust.
Nissa stared up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand after releasing him from her hot mouth. She’d never seen Sabe so flustered and breathless, and she giggled. ‘Was that alright?’
‘Alright?’ Sabe snapped his head to look at her. ‘My lady, you have no idea!’
Aiding her to stand, he pulled her into his arms and groaned against her ear. His body was still recovering from the sensation and brushing against her hot skin made it impossible to concentrate.
‘I think I should return the favor.’ Whispered words fell to her ear and she sighed.
‘I’d like that.’
‘I’m sure you would.’
He carried her to the bed and set her down, letting her fall back against the fur. Taking her hands and stretching them above her head, he raked soft lips down her body. Not one inch of flesh remained un-kissed, or un-licked, while making his way lower to the delicate lace that covered the treasure his mouth eagerly waited to taste. Deft fingers pulled on the bows at either side of her hips.
A soft whimper escaped parted lips as Sabe’s unruly hair fell against Nissa’s thighs when he pushed them wider to settle. Gentle flicks brought louder gasps and mews. He drove her insane with each skillful stroke of his tongue.
Raising her head abruptly when the pleasure stopped, she frowned. ‘Sabe, what are you doing?’
Greeted with a wicked grin and an equally devilish stare, she narrowed her eyes. ‘Sabe?’
‘I’m thinking.’
She gasped. ‘Now?’
He chuckled and quickly raised off the bed to reach up to the canopy on the four-poster. He pulled down one of the garlands made from a yard of linen and stared. ‘Come here.’ He ordered.
Nissa’s brows rose, but the feral look in his eyes captured her curiosity and she obeyed. Shuffling towards the edge of the bed, her cheeks flushed and she smiled shyly.
‘Hold out your hands.’
Hesitantly, she complied.
After he’d made a bow with the fabric, he slipped it over each hand and pulled it tight at her wrists.
Instantly hoisting her near, he shuffled her against the post at the corner of the bed. His hands pulled the fabric wrapped around her wrists to the top of the wooden pole and looped it over, restraining her.
‘Sabe!’ Her eyes widened. Arms stretched above her head, naked and bound, her heart raced.
‘Do you recall your comment when we were in Jana’s cave?’ His brow arched.
Nibbling her lip, her face flushed. ‘I do, but you’re not…’
Sabe was on his knees before she could finish, and pushed one leg over his shoulder as his face nestled between her thighs.
‘Oh my!’
‘I would stop if you asked, although the wetness between your thighs tells me otherwise.’ Grinning as he stared up, Nissa made no protest.
Her chest rose and fell quickly while her breaths forced out in hot, sharp pants and she tried to catch her breath, but only ragged gasps escaped parted lips. Every nerve was alive, excited, and burning. The intensity increased and spread through her body, gasps turned to squeals. Rising and shoving his leathers off completely, Sabe’s hands reached behind her, to soft cheeks and smoothed his palms across them. The tip of his cock nudged her entrance and with a deep thrust, he slipped into her heat.
Both groaned loudly, Sabe’s hips thrashed against hers. Breathy gasps fell against her open mouth and they lost themselves in a blissful frenzy of passion.
‘Nissa… Oh hell!’
She pulled at the restraints, eager to touch him and hold onto the powerful shoulders that now supported her as she wrapped her legs around him. She wanted him hard and fast, deep.
‘Let me down.’ Nissa could hardly speak.
Quickly pulling at the cloth, her free hands instantly fell to Sabe’s shoulders. He pushed her against the post and ground into her as she clawed at his skin with one hand, and pulled his hair with the other.
‘Bed!’ She managed to gasp.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Need help choosing which cover to use

Hey peeps,

I've made my cover for the final book in the Fallen Angels series, Ascension Within...and am undecided and would love some feedback.

Here is the dilemma .... Teal color for the writing or Gold? Would you tell me which is your fav?


That awesome author, Mistral Dawn has Taken by the Huntsman for 99C for just one more day! Better get it fast!! Fairies and BDSM...oh yeah... perfect combo for a sizzling read.

Check out the sneaky peek

He felt his breath catch in his throat at her words and he growled as he pushed her

down over the log and used his thighs to spread her legs wide. She groaned as she felt

him position himself at the entrance to her body and bucked to try to slide him in further.

He growled again and slid his hand over the back of her head, gripping her hair and

holding her firmly against the log.

Slowly he slid himself inside her, drawing the movement out as much as he could.

She tried to buck and squirm against him but he used his grip on her hair to hold her

down. When he finally slid all of the way inside her she was panting and nearly sobbing

with desire. He stayed there, not moving, for several moments until she screamed her

frustration and nearly tore her hair out in an effort to move.

“Move damn you! Stop teasing me and fuck me!”

Cadeyrn smiled fiercely and slowly began to withdraw. Cassie’s scream of

frustration echoed through the woods. Finally he began thrusting into her steadily and

she began to moan her satisfaction until he could tell she was about to cum and he stilled

inside her.

As his Anamchara screamed and cursed him Cadeyrn grabbed ahold of the very last

of his control and said “Say please.”

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Limited offer!!! Taken by the Huntsman 99C!

Hey peeps!!

That fabulous author, Mistral Dawn is feeling generous and has made Taken by the Huntsman just 99C for a limited time only!!

Love a good BDSM paranormal romance? Then get this because its enchanting, engaging and sizzling hot!

Here's a sneaky peek

Sometime during the chase he had removed his own clothing and he stood before her
as naked as she and completely at ease with that fact. His hands flew out faster than she
could see and pulled her to him. He lowered his head and buried his face in the side of
her neck, breathing deeply.
“My Anamchara, I want you desperately. Will you give yourself to me?”
Cassie felt desire crash over her. She had become dreadfully aroused during their
chase and feeling his hard body against hers and his strong arms as they caged her only
drove her excitement higher, but she was shocked that after weeks of ignoring her he
wanted to make love to her outside in the middle of the forest.
“Here? Now? Are you kidding?”
Cadeyrn groaned. “No, I am not kidding.” He pulled back to look down into her
eyes. “I want you here and now, desperately, will you agree?”
She looked up into his eyes and was scorched by the heat she saw there. His eyes
were glowing and his teeth had lengthened. Somehow he almost seemed to grow taller
and wider as he stood there. Moisture trickled down the inside of her thigh and all she
could do was nod.
He groaned again and lifted her into his arms. He set her down nearby, close to a
waist-high log that was laying on the ground and was covered in a thick layer of moss.
She turned to look at him and he had a long, thick vine in his hands that he had pulled off
of a nearby bush.
“I want to bind your hands and lay you face down over the log. My control is weak
and I will likely be unable to keep from taking you roughly, but I vow to you I will make
sure you are ready first. Do you agree to this?”
The thought of being bound and at his mercy caused things low in her body to
spasm. She nearly moaned her desire and could only nod her agreement vigorously.
“Do you remember the word to say if you want me to stop?”
She nodded and stammered “St-t-t-a-a-d-d.”

Friday, 10 April 2015

Thank you Jen Winters!

A huge thank you to Jen Winters for having me on her blog. As some of you are aware, I paint and make ebook covers. I'd recently made Jen's for her fabulous book, Kissing Demons, and she invited to me to appear on her blog. You can check it out here...

Thursday, 9 April 2015



Forgive me, I just love reviews!! Check out this one for Angel Within, 2nd book in the Fallen Angels series.

By Denise Kampsen on April 8, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
This is such a good book! I loved the first one but, I think this is my favorite out of the two so far. I love all the characters and how the story just doesn't end without giving us all the details of each persons lives. I can't wait for the third book! I stayed up late last night to finish this one, I just couldn't stop reading it until it was over! Julie you are awesome! Please don't stop writing!! Stay off FB, it doesn't work for there You can paint in between writing though! *Squeek*
AND not only am I happy about that review, but Demon Within is still rocking in the top 100 in the Erotica, fantasy genre on Amazon!!

Check this series out!! You won't be disappointed.

Monday, 6 April 2015


Hey Peeps,

I'v been busy painting for the last few days and have finally finished the cover for Ascension Within, the third and final book in the Fallen Angels series.

I expect to release this book by the end of Summer 2015 and I'm already excited about sharing it with you.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Demon Within #rising higher #58 in Amazon's top 100 Erotica!

Fabulous news again this morning! Thank you readers for putting Demon Within in the top 100 in Amazon's #literature + fiction, Erotica category!!
I think we need another sneaky peek...however...this time from Angel's even hotter!!

Glancing towards the bed, he smiled as Eloise lay fast asleep. He wanted to wash before settling, although he longed to touch her soft skin and smell her perfumed hair.
Pouring water into the bowl from the jug, he wetted a cloth and began washing his hands and face. He pulled his shirt over his head and unfastened the belt on his trousers.
‘You've returned earlier than expected, husband.’
Kai didn’t hear Eloise sneak up behind him and turned with a start on hearing her voice. She wore a thin nightgown, open at the front and only fastened with a ribbon at her chest. Long hair cascaded past her shoulders to her waist, she’d left it untied, just how he liked it. His eyes moved slowly upwards to greet her smile.
‘Eloise.’ He rushed forward, his arms closed around her in a bone-crushing embrace. ‘I've missed you.’ Kissing her head, his hand smoothed around her waist and squeezed her tightly. Soft groans fell against her neck as he nestled his face close. ‘I was trying not to disturb you.’
‘I must have sensed your return, I couldn’t find sleep.’ Eloise looped her arms around his neck. Her soft words filled his ears. ‘You have no idea how eager I was for your return.’
Kai was unable to respond as the soft press of wet lips caused his mouth to open when Eloise slanted her mouth over his. Her body curled towards him as she pulled at his neck, locking their embrace. His cock throbbed when Eloise ground her hips against him. Undone by her seductive voice after she released her hold, Kai sighed deeply.
‘I need you, come to bed.’
‘Let me wash.’ Kai attempted to push her away as he released his hold, but she clung to him, desperately.
‘No, I want you now, you smell like a man, a warrior… I don’t want to wait. Come.’
Frowning as Eloise pulled him towards the bed, her penetrating gaze made his cock harden more. She tugged at the ribbon holding her nightgown closed, and slipped it slowly off her shoulders. Kai groaned and instantly his hands began unfastening the laces of his leathers. Without averting his eyes from her rounded form, he pushed the pants below his knees before kicking them off completely.
Wide eyes stared at Kai’s naked body and lingered on his rigid cock. Eloise breathed deeply before raising her eyes to greet his.
Lowering his head, Kai stared at Eloise from under hooded eyes while palming his crown. His eyes raked down her breasts to her stomach, he’d forgotten how much he’d missed gazing at her.
She stepped towards the bed and turned, glancing over her shoulder, her eyes never left Kai’s as she knelt on the edge. With widening eyes, she leaned forward. Exposing herself to Kai’s gaze, her mouth curved into a grin when soft groans filled her ears. She smoothed a hand down her buttock, while resting on the other, moving slowly as she continued to watch her husband.
His chest rose and fell with rapid haste at the sight she gave him, and she smiled. Her fingers slipped between her crevice and moved lower, grinning while she slicked her fingers with dripping honey, she pulled her cheek to the side, giving Kai a glorious view.
‘Eloise.’ He could barely speak her name. He’d never known her to be so forward. A groan escaped him as her fingers slid between her legs, he couldn't wait to replace them with something else.
‘What are you waiting for?’

A voice he’d never heard previously, beckoned him closer. The sultry tone of her words, formed by plump lips made his body shake with need. She continued teasing, and all the while stared at him with large, dark eyes. Kai could hold back no longer when she slowly moved her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Having an awesome day! Demon Within number 2 in Germany!

Wow, what an fabulous day! Demon Within, the German version.... Der Dämon an ihrer Seite is currently number 2 on Amazon!

Thank you Germany!!

I've broken the 100 barrier on Amazon Erotica!!!

Fabulous news for Demon Within! It's currently at #93 in the Erotica genre on Amazon! I'm completely over the moon! It's been a while coming but wooohoo!!!!!

Apologies, I'm a little excited!

And to's chapter 32...steamy bathroom sex

Water lapped gently against the sides of the copper bath. Kai sighed as the light captured chestnut hair draping over the edge towards the floor; Eloise was a rare beauty, even if she didn’t fully understand what effect she had on him. Her innocent glances and smiles as he perched in the open window frame were driving him crazy.
‘Why are you grinning?’
He wondered if he should tell her. Kai inclined his head. ‘Just the sight of you bathing, I know you’re happy… and it makes me happy too.’
Giggling, and smoothing the washcloth up her arm, letting the warm water caress her skin, Eloise continued to bathe.
‘I should get out, I’m starting to wrinkle.’
Kai’s eyes widened when she leaned back against the tub, arching her back and sighing, her breasts rose from beneath the water, making Kai wish he was in there with her.
He pushed away from his perch and slowly moved towards her. Kneeling, he pulled shimmering locks of her hair through his fingers; soft and silky, a rainbow of gold, brown and copper, he could look at it all day.
Quickly pulling a leather strap from one of his braids and holding it between his teeth, he braided the thick mass of hair. Kai inhaled deeply while playing with the long tresses, and tying it securely with the leather, he pulled it through his hands once more before letting it fall.
After rising and taking a towel from the dresser, Kai held it wide and waited for Eloise to leave the comfort of her bath.
‘Let’s go and have breakfast, I’m starving.’
Eloise rose, her skin flushed and warm; he purred while watching the droplets of water trickle over her breasts. With strong arms, he enveloped her, holding her tight against him, he began drying her then relaxed his hold as he fell to his knees. Patting her delicate skin his concentration made Eloise smile as she stared down.
He performed his task with enthusiasm, not missing any area, and Eloise wondered if this was common practice. Kai gently nudged her legs and grinned wickedly.
‘Open your legs wider.’ His hands moved higher and patted gently on her most sensitive area, his eyes had a feral look about them; they matched his carnal smirk.
‘Are you going to do this every time I take a bath?’ Eloise nibbled her lip.
Kai didn’t look at her and continued working. He was now concentrating his efforts on her legs and feet. She giggled when he raised her foot, and she steadied herself by resting her hands on his shoulders.
‘It depends.’
Eloise’s brows rose. ‘On what?’
‘On whether I get to taste you afterwards.’
Throwing the towel to the side and without warning Kai’s fingers trailed up her inner thigh and brushed against her intimately. She gasped and flinched at his touch, her body humming with excitement and growing exhilaration.
Soft lips complimented the fleshy pad of his fingertips, followed by an eager tongue lazily sliding between her folds. Eloise gripped his shoulders, then moved one hand to his head, letting her fingers tangle in his hair.
‘Kai…’ Breathy and barely audible, Eloise could hardly speak.
Hips involuntarily ground against his mouth and without realizing, she found herself tugging at his hair, making him work harder. Kai’s hot breath fell against her already sizzling flesh; lapping feverishly, his tongue searched every crevice to taste her.
‘I thought you… were hungry?’ Sighing heavily, Eloise could hardly catch her breath.
Kai’s voice was husky, throaty; words a whisper, as he nestled his face between her legs.
‘I am.’
His tongue flicked against her hardening nub, sending a sensual shock through her.
‘Kai!’ Eloise gripped his hair and dug her nails into his shoulder. ‘Don’t stop!’
Eager fingers slid between wet folds. Pushing inside her heat and feeling the slickness of her, he closed his eyes and growled at her shuddering body.
Eloise felt her knees buckle and clung to him desperately while her hips rocked; his expert tongue and fingers brought her body to a heated frenzy. Breaths forced out in short, sharp gasps as the first flutters of pleasure began, before rapidly increasing with exquisite sensations. Eloise screamed out his name as the intensity of her climax heightened. Fingers tightened in his hair and caused another growl from Kai. She slumped forward as the last ripples and shudders ceased.
Kai rose from his knees and held her against him. Sliding a hand between their bodies, his fingers fumbled to unfasten the laces of his pants. Aided by Eloise’s slender fingers, she quickly unfastened the lacing and pulled the soft leather apart. Springing free, his heavy cock almost sighed at the release of the restraints, causing Kai to hiss. He spun Eloise around and ushered her towards the window. His large hands cupped her soft buttocks and shoved her forward, his need urgent.
Bracing her hands against the windowsill, Eloise leaned forward and raised her hips in hasty need to feel Kai inside her. Dipping low and taking a fist full of cock, he slipped between her wetness. Grunting as he thrust into her heat, he squeezed his eyes shut tight. Eloise gasped at the impact, she’d not expected to be handled so roughly, but the sensation of large hands kneading her cheeks, squeezing, sent a heated rush through her body. Her heart pounded, she could hear the blood rushing in her ears, and pulsing between her legs; confused by mixed emotions. Inching himself out of the tight heat slowly before returning, he made untamed groaning sounds with each thrust. He watched his cock disappear inside her body and felt her muscles spasm around him. Withdrawing and gazing at his wet cock, he couldn’t hold back his need. Bracing his hands against her hips, he started pounding against her. Pulling her closer and holding her fast, his grunting grew louder with each thrust. Eloise gripped the wooden frame of the open window and tried to brace herself; it was Kai’s gripping hands at her hips that held her still. She felt complete whenever with him. Either in a sensual embrace or just close, he was her world, and knew they would never be apart. Her body took the pummeling and submitted to his need, she loved him.
Kai couldn’t stop and didn’t want to, his cock throbbed and ached for release, his balls tightened and he was almost there, just a few forceful jabs. Gritting his teeth, causing the muscle in his clenched jaw to twitch, and with heavy breaths between groans that resounded around the room, Kai started to cry out when his climax hit. He piled into Eloise so forcefully she cried out and fell against the frame, gasping. The deep hard thrust made Kai toss back his head, throwing his hair against sweated skin. He paused a moment, enjoying the exquisite release before jabbing against her once more, again pausing as his eyes remained closed, savoring the moment, then finally withdrawing and thrusting one final time with a husky groan.
Kai smoothed his hands around Eloise’s waist, and cupping her breasts, pulled her against him, making her straighten. Their breathing was still slowing back to normal and Kai nestled his chin in the crook of her neck.
‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t...’
‘That was… breathtaking… and you have nothing to apologize for.’
Groaning against her neck, he squeezed her tightly.

‘Other than starving me.’ She giggled.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Demon Within available in German language!! Der Dämon an ihrer Seite

Hey Peeps!!

I'm very excited today because the German version of my first book, Demon Within is now available in German language.

The title is Der Dämon an ihrer Seite and was kindly translated by a very lovely woman, Karen Andrea Petersen.
If you are a native German, no matter where you are in the world, you can purchase Demon Within as I've made it available in all countries.

Eine grandiose Romanze über einen ehemaligen Sklaven, jetzt ein Kriegsherr, einen König, Engel sowie gefallene Engel
Kai von Darkmide hat eine dunkle Seite die sein Aussehen verändert und ihn zur rasenden Bestie macht wenn er sich aufregt oder wütend wird. Nur die zarte Hand von Prinzessin Eloise kann ihn dann beruhigen. Sie hat keine Angst vor seinem dämonischen Wesen und schenkt ihm ihre Liebe.
Auch die Prinzessin hat ein Geheimnis. Eine Gabe, die den weiblichen Nachkommen ihrer Mutter von einem Seraphen geschenkt wurde, und die den Ausschlag geben kann als Kai und alle seine Getreuen von einem gefallenen Engel der auf Rache sinnt bedroht werden.
Eine Reise voller überraschender Wendungen, Geheimnissen und Leidenschaft - das ist Der Dämon an ihrer Seite, Teil 1 in der dreiteiligen Serie Gefallene Engel.


Demon Within is a paranormal romance with some steamy love scenes, but don’t get too excited–Julie Nicholls makes you wait for it. While most of the PNR I’ve read follow just one
couple, this Nicholls gives you the delight of getting to know three separate couples, inextricable entwined by life and fate. Kai is a former slave and rebellion leader, who now leads his people with a strong, if sometimes violent, hand. In order to help his people and strengthen his place among the other rulers, his closest friend, Jace, negotiates an alliance with their neighboring country. Eloise, the daughter of the king, is part of that deal.

Check out the full review here!!      JenWinters/wordpress review of Demon Within

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

How important is social media to the Indie Author?

In the busy world of social media you have to wonder if it is a help or a hinderance. Today myself, Mistral Dawn and Barbara Chioffi will be discussing how much the various platforms have aided them in their writing careers.

I've been a fan of Facebook for some time, and have met some amazing people! Including Barbara Chioffi, author of Angel Mine, who is without a doubt my twin sister from another mother!

The first point I’d like make is that at one point I found Twitter extremely annoying, in that I couldn't make heads or tails of how it worked....I guess I’m just old, right?

However, after publishing my first novel, Demon Within, I realized I needed to get to grips with Twitter. On my unused account, I had a whole ten people following me!! Not good for someone trying to get people to buy my book.

It was after a few short weeks that I met a very special person, Mistral Dawn, the author of Taken by the Huntsman and Bound by the Summer Prince.

Julie: Hello Mistral and Barbara!

Mistral: Hi Julie! :-) Thank you for inviting me! :-)

Barbara: Yes, thank you , Julie.

Julie: Fabulous to be here with you ladies! Let’s get to it shall we?

Mistral, what is your favorite social media platform and why?

Mistral: Well, it depends. Twitter is awesome for getting something out to a lot of people quickly, but tweets scroll by really quickly. Facebook is better for making sure something stays up so that people can see it. So I guess it depends on what message I’m trying to convey and how I want to present it.

Julie: I agree with every word you said, Twitter is very fast and it’s hard to keep up sometimes. I personally love the interaction I get with Facebook. What about you Barbara?

Barbara: I totally agree with both of you. I've found Facebook to be the better of the two, especially for promoting. There are so many more opportunities there. Things are passed from one page to another, leapfrogging over each other. It’s very exciting to watch.

Julie: Yes! Of course, we wouldn't have met without it! Right?

Barbara: Exactly. We've all made so many new friends, especially in our field of interest.

Julie: Which leads me to my next question. I know Mistral has her own blog and getting people to follow is a task in itself, do you find this helps with book sales?

Mistral: I think having the blog helps me network with other authors, and helps get the word out about all of us to more people. If I post an interview for an author and their fans come to my blog to read it, they might also see my books and/or other guests’ books, and take an interest. Honestly, it might be the slowest of the ways to promote, but I think it might also be the most effective in the long run. If people are entertained by what I post on my blog, then maybe they’ll keep coming back for more. :-)

Barbara: I am new to this, but have been fascinated by the interaction on Facebook, and also on the blogs. They provide an insight into an author, their likes and dislikes, and their character. I find myself going back to see what else has developed.

Julie: I’m all for interaction with readers who have bought my book, and meeting them on Facebook and twitter is fabulous. I get a personal high from anyone who tells me they’re enjoying it, let alone they love it! How important are reviews to both of you?

Mistral: Reviews are important, especially for generating interest for people to buy our work. I’m always interested to hear what someone thought of my stories, and I’m thrilled when they enjoyed what they read. :-)

Barbara: I, too, think reviews give such great feedback, even the ones that might not be as good as you would like, as long as they are given in the right spirit.

Julie: It’s interesting that I was asking a few people who I knew had bought my latest book, Angel Within to please leave a review. One of them pointed out that never in her life had she ever posted a review on Amazon or any other ebook seller and she found it unusual to post. In this day when there are lots of wannabe authors, and we’re all scrambling to be noticed, it really does help us. For anyone who is reading an indie author book at the moment, think of it as leaving a tip for a waitress, because it really gives indie authors a high.
I want to quickly touch on sales figures, because we all know how difficult it is to be noticed and nothing is more special than breaking that top 100 barrier on Amazon. Has any of you done it?

Mistral: I managed to do it for the first time on April 1, 2015!! I was absolutely ecstatic when I woke up and saw that Taken By The Huntsman had made it to #79 in the BDSM category on Amazon. I am so grateful to everyone who bought it, and I really hope you all enjoyed it! :-)

Barbara: Congratulations Mistral...that is a great accomplishment and to you, Julie for your sales. I think any author keeps close tabs on their rankings, as well as their reviews. We all want that success.

Julie: I also need to pass on many contrafibularities to Mistral!! Way to go baby!! I’m very excited about this for a number of reasons. It gives me hope that an indie author is quite capable of achieving a best seller status. I have no doubt someone has done it previously, but for it to be accomplished by someone I know, makes me very happy and I can only hope that myself and Barbara follow soon!

Ladies, I’d like to thank you for joining “Fallen Angels” today, and ask if you have any further messages for our readers?

Mistral:Thank you Julie and Barbara!! :-) I love all of my readers, and I just want them to know how much I appreciate their support!!! You’re all awesome! :-)

Barbara:Thank you Julie and Mistral. I think this type of discussion is excellent. Maybe others will, in time, join in so that we can all share our insights, especially for someone like me, who is very new to this.

Julie: What a fabulous idea! How cool would it be to start a discussion group on either Facebook or in Goodreads? Asking our readers to come and join us? Let us know what you think about this idea peeps!! We’d love to know what you think.

Thank you for joining us, it would be great if you could leave a comment or even +1 to let us know what you thought. Feed back would be very much appreciated!