Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Release of Angel Within - 2nd book in the Fallen Angels series

Hey Peeps,

For those of you who have already read Demon Within, and enjoyed the story of Kai of Darkmide, I thought you should have a sneaky peek from the 2nd book in the series, Angel Within.

Nissa rolled over and hissed. Shoving her hand beneath the blanket to remove a stone, she threw it away with a grunt.
‘If I hear one word of complaint, I swear, I will gag you.’ Sabe didn’t move, other than to grin as he listened to Nissa huffing and puffing, ‘I warned you it would be rough.’
‘You forget, I’ve slept outside before.’ Nissa replied curtly.
‘Ah yes, under the comfort of a tent and atop numerous pillows. Yes, I’m sure it was appalling!’
Sitting up, Nissa glared at Sabe. He lay with his arms behind his head, eyes closed and wearing a cheeky smile. Nissa had never felt the need to hit him, but that could change any moment.
‘Would you like to move closer?’ Sabe slowly opened his eyes while patting the ground by his side, ‘I’m quite sure there are no stones.’
Nissa pulled her blankets closer to Sabe. Nestling against him, she placed her head across his chest, ‘I swear you put those stones there on purpose.’
A roguish grin covered his face, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’
He rolled her onto her back, pushed a large hand under her shirt, and then latched his mouth onto a peaked nipple.
Nissa instantly moaned and brushed her hand through his thick hair. ‘I was right.’ she managed to breathe, ‘This was your plan all along.’
Sabe released the pebbled bud from puckered lips and laughed, ‘Hmm, you are so wise,’ he kissed her breast, ‘so clever,’ he moved higher and raked his teeth across her collarbone, ‘and utterly beautiful.’
His tongue stroked into her mouth as he sealed sinful lips over hers. Nissa made no protest and tugged at his hair to keep him close as she welcomed the deep kiss.
He would have her right now if they were alone, but too many ears and eyes wouldn’t allow their passion to go unnoticed. Taking her under the stars by the fireside would be wonderful, and groaning as thoughts of her naked skin, glowing beneath the moonlight seeped into his mind; he dispelled the image quickly.
Reluctantly pulling away from soft, wet lips, he sighed, ‘If we were alone, sweet lady, I would not stop.’
She relaxed tensed fingers gripping his hair and Nissa smoothed her hand down his neck and huffed out a breath.
‘I know.’ She nibbled her lip and glanced over to where Kiera slept, ‘Do you think Kiera and Jace will sort themselves out?’
Sabe’s jaw tightened as he followed Nissa’s eyes to where his sister rested. He didn’t understand why Kiera would turn away from Jace, for Beros. Accepting Beros had a certain charm and was relatively attractive, Sabe felt he lacked certain qualities that he appreciated in Jace, and didn’t feel completely comfortable with him.
Turning back to his lover, Sabe’s dark eyes saddened, ‘I truly hope so.’ He puffed out a sigh, then brushed his cheek to hers, ‘Let’s sleep, we have an early start in the morning.’

Falling on his back, holding Nissa tightly, Sabe stared up into the night sky. Respecting Jace as much as Kai, it would be sad to see him leave if he couldn’t reconcile the differences with his sister. Letting his eyes drift shut, he hoped his sister would see sense, and realize how special Jace was.

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