Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Good Morning fabulous peeps!

I'm bringing news to you of a promotional offer for Angel Within. This applies to Amazon UK only and for 1 day, 29th May, you can purchase Angel Within for just 99pence.
Bargain in any language!!!

Need a sneaky peek??

‘You are a wicked man.’ Eloise’s words barely formed as her body arched off the bed.
‘But you love me, don’t you?’ Dragging his mouth from between her thighs, Kai’s husky words caused her to smile.
‘Of course, always… forever…’ Unable to finish her sentence under Kai’s delicate, yet probing tongue, realizing concentration was impossible, she lay silent other than to fawn occasionally under the attention lavished by her husband.
Despite Kai’s warm breath against her flesh, Eloise shuddered. The exquisite pleasure derived from his touch was boundless and she could endure him for eternity and more.
With deliberate precision, Kai’s tongue teased every swollen nerve ending between wet folds. Her breaths, ever increasing, sent a shock wave to his cock as she writhed beneath his feverish caressing. He crawled up her body, nudging her thighs wider apart, and Eloise spread them eagerly to receive him. Kissing over her swollen belly with tenderness, Kai adorned her and his unborn son with love, and between soft kisses; his whispered words were barely there.
‘I will protect you with my life… my son…’
He moved higher, bracing his heavy body with muscular arms placed either side of Eloise’s delicate frame and flashed his tongue across a peaked, sensitive nipple. Her back bowed, forcing her breast higher, eager to receive further attention from his tongue and caressing mouth.
‘I love you… I will never leave you…’ Tender words trailed off as perfect lips suckled on the hard nipple.
The sound of his voice, the touch of his lips, all too much for Eloise in her emotional state, and feeling wetness fall down her face, she quickly brushed it away.
‘I love you too. Make love to me Kai. I need you.’
He moved, fitting his mouth over hers, he pressed the tip of his thick cock against her entrance. She sighed heavily at the welcomed invasion, her breath spilling into his mouth. A slow, gentle thrust brought a deep groan and Kai released her lips to voice his satisfaction at the sensation enveloping him.
Resting back on his haunches and sliding large hands at the back of her knees, he raised them gently and continued thrusting slowly, while feasting his eyes on her nakedness. The sight of her, open to him, and her relaxed state, made the act even more pleasurable. He recalled a time when she covered herself from his gaze, but now she took as much pleasure from his gaze as he did from her body.
With leisurely strokes, unhurried, yet deliberate, Kai’s breaths hastened. His eyes fluttered shut as he held out, waiting for Eloise. Sliding a hand up her thigh, his thumb slipped across the hard nub to urge her climax.
‘Kai… Yes!’
His name on her lips, breathy and barely audible, was as music to his ears. Grunting as he struggled for control, he withdrew quickly, but replaced his cock with two, long fingers. Curling towards him, fingertips brushed across the swollen pad, causing Eloise’s spine to raise off the bed as it arched. Her body started to tremble and with every gentle rub of his fingers, Eloise’s ragged breaths increased.
Eager to return to the warm, wet, sheath, his cock twitched, and replacing his fingers with the hard muscle, he groaned loudly as her muscles spasmed as she began her release.

Her orgasm hit slowly, and built with an intensity she’d never experienced. Thrashing her head against the bed, her gasps and calls would surely be heard down the hall, but Kai only smiled at the pleasure she took from him, and quickened his pace, bringing her to full release with a final cry of his name. Soon following, his hips jerked against her in quick jabs, and a guttural cry spilled out as his head fell back.
After recovering, his head fell forward; his beautiful hair cascaded across her breasts as he leaned to kiss her.
‘You are beautiful; I’ll never grow tired of looking at you.’ Soft words fell against her neck.
She sighed beneath him. ‘It pleases me to know.’ Sleepy eyes managed to open as she stretched beneath him. ‘I think I need a nap before the ceremony.’
‘That’s a good idea.’

Rolling over, he pulled the bedcover across them before kissing her cheek as she turned onto her side. He watched her for a moment and listened to soft, gentle breaths as she drifted into slumber. Feelings of elation filled him, and he never felt so blessed.

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