Thursday, 16 July 2015

Review of Fantazia #shortstory by Elize Love

Hey peeps,
I very rarely do reviews, mainly because I don't have time to read much, however... I felt the need to review FANTAZIA by Elize  as it was only a short story and I  really enjoyed it.
It's got a little bit of everything in it... erotica, mild BDSM, humour and I found I couldn't stop reading until I got to the end.
This is the first story from this author, I had the privilege to make the cover, and so was given an ARC which I was happy to receive.

I could relate to the story, and I'm sure I won't be the only one. I've had insecurities all my life about my body and what others think of me...and escapism is the only 'A' Level I received from school. *grinning*

Elsa is a foul-mouthed, gobby, control freak who gets a bit of a shock when she meets the new janitor. He invites her to a drink to a club, and what she experiences there is mind blowing.

If you have a spare hour and want a read to make you chuckle, then you should check this out... it's 99c on Amazon and is also available on Kindle unlimited.

Here's the cover, and also a sneaky peek (shown with permission from the author)

“Bend your knees.”
I obey and he quickly attaches a fastening from each wrist cuff to each ankle cuff. I begin to feel a little uneasy as my legs are spread apart, displaying my wares.
“Don’t tense, you’re doing really well.”
“I’m trying, but I feel exposed.”
“That’s the whole point; now stop trying to squeeze your knees together. It doesn’t make any difference; I can still see what you’ve got.” He snorted
Great, just fucking great. At least I trimmed and shaved this morning! That’s taken a load off and I only have to worry about him seeing my pink parts in all their glory!
“You look good enough to eat.”
“Would you mind if it tasted you, Elsa?”
“No Sir! Get on in there and feast away!!”
Jasper chuckled before leaning forward. I still couldn’t quite relax but his gentle caressing fingers up the sides of my thighs brought a calmer state. I let him in and gasped at the first touch of his lips. He soon followed with soft licks of his exceptionally talented tongue and I couldn’t help but squeal with every dip he made into my vagina.
“OH… MY… GOD… SIR!!”
I felt his hot breath against me as he chuckled, and the vibrations of his laughter caused my skin to ripple. I think I might be coming… any… minute…
“What the fuck did you stop for?”
He snickered. “We don’t want you taking control now, do we?” His wicked eyes flashed orange. “I’m in control, not you.”
“Thank you for the reminder, sir.”
“You’re welcome.”
My eyes closed as I puffed out an irritated breath. Damn that was good, I was just seconds away from another earth shattering orgasm. It makes me wonder how much therapy I’m going to need and I  hope it’s lots!
I’m feeling more and more relaxed and despite being tied up like a Colonel Sanders chicken ready to baste; I’m very happy and looking forward to …WHOA!!!
“What the fuck are you doing there?”
“Like it?”

“UM… NO!!! Get the fuck away from my ass!”

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