Sunday, 12 April 2015


That awesome author, Mistral Dawn has Taken by the Huntsman for 99C for just one more day! Better get it fast!! Fairies and BDSM...oh yeah... perfect combo for a sizzling read.

Check out the sneaky peek

He felt his breath catch in his throat at her words and he growled as he pushed her

down over the log and used his thighs to spread her legs wide. She groaned as she felt

him position himself at the entrance to her body and bucked to try to slide him in further.

He growled again and slid his hand over the back of her head, gripping her hair and

holding her firmly against the log.

Slowly he slid himself inside her, drawing the movement out as much as he could.

She tried to buck and squirm against him but he used his grip on her hair to hold her

down. When he finally slid all of the way inside her she was panting and nearly sobbing

with desire. He stayed there, not moving, for several moments until she screamed her

frustration and nearly tore her hair out in an effort to move.

“Move damn you! Stop teasing me and fuck me!”

Cadeyrn smiled fiercely and slowly began to withdraw. Cassie’s scream of

frustration echoed through the woods. Finally he began thrusting into her steadily and

she began to moan her satisfaction until he could tell she was about to cum and he stilled

inside her.

As his Anamchara screamed and cursed him Cadeyrn grabbed ahold of the very last

of his control and said “Say please.”

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