Saturday, 11 April 2015

Limited offer!!! Taken by the Huntsman 99C!

Hey peeps!!

That fabulous author, Mistral Dawn is feeling generous and has made Taken by the Huntsman just 99C for a limited time only!!

Love a good BDSM paranormal romance? Then get this because its enchanting, engaging and sizzling hot!

Here's a sneaky peek

Sometime during the chase he had removed his own clothing and he stood before her
as naked as she and completely at ease with that fact. His hands flew out faster than she
could see and pulled her to him. He lowered his head and buried his face in the side of
her neck, breathing deeply.
“My Anamchara, I want you desperately. Will you give yourself to me?”
Cassie felt desire crash over her. She had become dreadfully aroused during their
chase and feeling his hard body against hers and his strong arms as they caged her only
drove her excitement higher, but she was shocked that after weeks of ignoring her he
wanted to make love to her outside in the middle of the forest.
“Here? Now? Are you kidding?”
Cadeyrn groaned. “No, I am not kidding.” He pulled back to look down into her
eyes. “I want you here and now, desperately, will you agree?”
She looked up into his eyes and was scorched by the heat she saw there. His eyes
were glowing and his teeth had lengthened. Somehow he almost seemed to grow taller
and wider as he stood there. Moisture trickled down the inside of her thigh and all she
could do was nod.
He groaned again and lifted her into his arms. He set her down nearby, close to a
waist-high log that was laying on the ground and was covered in a thick layer of moss.
She turned to look at him and he had a long, thick vine in his hands that he had pulled off
of a nearby bush.
“I want to bind your hands and lay you face down over the log. My control is weak
and I will likely be unable to keep from taking you roughly, but I vow to you I will make
sure you are ready first. Do you agree to this?”
The thought of being bound and at his mercy caused things low in her body to
spasm. She nearly moaned her desire and could only nod her agreement vigorously.
“Do you remember the word to say if you want me to stop?”
She nodded and stammered “St-t-t-a-a-d-d.”

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