Monday, 13 April 2015

Sneaky naughty peek from Angel Within

Hey peeps!
Thought you might like a sneaky peek from the 2nd book in the fallen angels series...just to wet your the saying goes.

Nissa moved both hands to grip his hips and swallowed the hot liquid before he could finish his sentence. Violently jutting against her mouth, he cursed and threw back his head, while groaning his orgasm with each thrust.
Nissa stared up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand after releasing him from her hot mouth. She’d never seen Sabe so flustered and breathless, and she giggled. ‘Was that alright?’
‘Alright?’ Sabe snapped his head to look at her. ‘My lady, you have no idea!’
Aiding her to stand, he pulled her into his arms and groaned against her ear. His body was still recovering from the sensation and brushing against her hot skin made it impossible to concentrate.
‘I think I should return the favor.’ Whispered words fell to her ear and she sighed.
‘I’d like that.’
‘I’m sure you would.’
He carried her to the bed and set her down, letting her fall back against the fur. Taking her hands and stretching them above her head, he raked soft lips down her body. Not one inch of flesh remained un-kissed, or un-licked, while making his way lower to the delicate lace that covered the treasure his mouth eagerly waited to taste. Deft fingers pulled on the bows at either side of her hips.
A soft whimper escaped parted lips as Sabe’s unruly hair fell against Nissa’s thighs when he pushed them wider to settle. Gentle flicks brought louder gasps and mews. He drove her insane with each skillful stroke of his tongue.
Raising her head abruptly when the pleasure stopped, she frowned. ‘Sabe, what are you doing?’
Greeted with a wicked grin and an equally devilish stare, she narrowed her eyes. ‘Sabe?’
‘I’m thinking.’
She gasped. ‘Now?’
He chuckled and quickly raised off the bed to reach up to the canopy on the four-poster. He pulled down one of the garlands made from a yard of linen and stared. ‘Come here.’ He ordered.
Nissa’s brows rose, but the feral look in his eyes captured her curiosity and she obeyed. Shuffling towards the edge of the bed, her cheeks flushed and she smiled shyly.
‘Hold out your hands.’
Hesitantly, she complied.
After he’d made a bow with the fabric, he slipped it over each hand and pulled it tight at her wrists.
Instantly hoisting her near, he shuffled her against the post at the corner of the bed. His hands pulled the fabric wrapped around her wrists to the top of the wooden pole and looped it over, restraining her.
‘Sabe!’ Her eyes widened. Arms stretched above her head, naked and bound, her heart raced.
‘Do you recall your comment when we were in Jana’s cave?’ His brow arched.
Nibbling her lip, her face flushed. ‘I do, but you’re not…’
Sabe was on his knees before she could finish, and pushed one leg over his shoulder as his face nestled between her thighs.
‘Oh my!’
‘I would stop if you asked, although the wetness between your thighs tells me otherwise.’ Grinning as he stared up, Nissa made no protest.
Her chest rose and fell quickly while her breaths forced out in hot, sharp pants and she tried to catch her breath, but only ragged gasps escaped parted lips. Every nerve was alive, excited, and burning. The intensity increased and spread through her body, gasps turned to squeals. Rising and shoving his leathers off completely, Sabe’s hands reached behind her, to soft cheeks and smoothed his palms across them. The tip of his cock nudged her entrance and with a deep thrust, he slipped into her heat.
Both groaned loudly, Sabe’s hips thrashed against hers. Breathy gasps fell against her open mouth and they lost themselves in a blissful frenzy of passion.
‘Nissa… Oh hell!’
She pulled at the restraints, eager to touch him and hold onto the powerful shoulders that now supported her as she wrapped her legs around him. She wanted him hard and fast, deep.
‘Let me down.’ Nissa could hardly speak.
Quickly pulling at the cloth, her free hands instantly fell to Sabe’s shoulders. He pushed her against the post and ground into her as she clawed at his skin with one hand, and pulled his hair with the other.
‘Bed!’ She managed to gasp.

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