Thursday, 4 June 2015

Demon Within...A fabulous fantasy #romance read for the #weekend

Hey peeps,
It's coming up to weekend...have you got something to read yet? NO???? Maybe you needs an epic fantasy romance filled with plots, twists, hot sex and lovable characters? Demon Within is right up your alley! Need convincing?

‘I need you.’ He breathed roughly.
A gentle tug of her hair, and delicate lips against her neck caused Eloise to moan softly. Kai’s hot breath warmed her skin as he travelled down her neck to her shoulder. Lost in a moment where negative thoughts faded into darkness, her eyes closed as she surrendered to his caressing touch.
Feeling hardness against her belly, Eloise lowered her hands, and ran her fingers along the top of the towel to Kai’s hips, shuddering when his tongue flicked up her throat and traveled towards her ear, nibbling at the sensitive lobe.
Breathing in sharply, her mind overcome with passion, Eloise whispered against his warming skin. ‘Show me how much you need me, Kai.’
Kai stilled, his body was on fire with need.
Releasing her hair from his grip, Kai’s hands moved to her back and tore without patience at the ribbon holding her dress together; the need to feel Eloise’s bare flesh against his was urgent and desperate. A sharp gasp spilled from her parted lips, exciting him further. Pushing the fabric off her shoulders, he scooped her into his arms then carried her towards the bed and gently released her. Without protest, she clawed at the overlap of the towel and tugged it free as he joined her on the bed. Kai’s wild eyes widened; seeing her equally needy to touch and feel him caused a feral growl to rumble up from his chest. Eloise threw the towel to the side and raked her eyes over his magnificent form, a blush rising to her cheeks when her eyes rested on his cock.
Eloise stared at the thick muscle now grasped by Kai’s hand as he smoothed it over his erection. She breathed out, trembling and unknowing of what was to follow; her voice broke out with a whimper.
Kai knelt on the edge of the bed between her legs; her nakedness concealed by delicate fabric covering Eloise’s breasts and sex, he needed to see her, all of her. He couldn’t contain the low growl that escaped even if he tried. Moving his hand from his cock, his fingertips moved to her slender thighs. She blushed when fingers slipped higher, her head fell to the side, as she looked away.
‘Look at me.’
She reluctantly turned her head to his husky command.
‘It’s just us here.’

Breathing harder when his hands continued up towards her sex, she gasped when fingers slid beneath her linen undergarment. She watched his eyes widen, bright green orbs slowly moving from her face to study her body. Her chest expanded as his fingers disappeared beneath her garment. Turning his hand over, he bunched the linen together and tugged hard, ripping the ribbons holding it in place before dropping it to the floor. Eloise’s cry made his cock twitch; her throaty gasp caused a carnal noise to rumble up from deep inside. Kai’s eyes were drawn between her legs and she moved to cover herself, but his hands reached and pushed them away quickly.

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