Friday, 5 June 2015

Positive Monthly Blog Tour

Hey peeps, I hope you're enjoying all the posts?

As part of the tour, here's my post and thoughts and hopefully after reading, you'll join me for another session.♥

As part of the monthly blog tour, myself and a few other authors have dedicated the whole of June to posting positive thoughts, images, idea’s and expressions on our blogs to help those who feel they are in a rut or who just need to see things from the other side of the fence.
I’m living in Bulgara, a beautiful country and my home is in the countryside, where I’m surrounded by peace and tranquility, but my life wasn’t always this peaceful.
Rather than boring you with the sadness in my life… of the death of my father when I was 20, and my mother when I was 28, and the loss of my brother when he was only 42, plus numerous other events…I want to tell you about something wonderful.
I’ve always had an interest in tarot cards and the occult… but from the positive side of the occult…and in pursuit of this I learned many skills, medium-ship, tarot card reading, color reading, rune stones and a few other things…but all of these tools were useless without one thing…I had to center myself.
Was is centering? It’s about finding peace inside yourself. As we grow, our minds and aura fill with negativity after each injury we received either physically or emotionally, and over time, this weighs heavy. The expression, 'Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders' comes to mind..and with some people this is true.
All the emotional baggage grows, and with each assault, it continues to grow…and without realizing, we become weighed down. So how can we remove this? I will tell you.
Meditation is a powerful tool and there are many forms, some simple…and some a little more involved…so to begin, I’m going to set you on a daily ask…for just 10 minutes. Wanna try?
Find a place in your home or garden where you are happy, for me, its outside in the shade in my garden, choose your surroundings were there will be no interruptions for 10 minutes and sit comfortably or lay if you wish.
Do not cross your arms or legs, try and sit or lay so the channels of energy can flow.
Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing…count in for one…and out for two….in for  three…and out for four… don’t think of anything else…other than your breathing…
I know you’re all thinking… ‘what’s the point?’ Well as you try, you’ll realize that thoughts pop into your head, and so its not so easy to think of just breathing.
Concentrating the mind on this one thing for 10 minutes is the basis for the next meditation you will learn.

In my next post, I’ll take you on a guided visualization, where you can learn to relax further and bring inner peace.

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  1. Great post. Sorry for your losses but it looks as if you are healing.

  2. I can't meditate, sitting still is pretty much impossible for me. I gotta jiggle something constantly,lol. I really like your idea though of just clearing your head and letting it go. I use videogame therapy which is more pixelated violence than deep breathing and happiness. :D