Friday, 12 June 2015

Be #Positive with a guided #visualisation

Hey peeps!

Thank you for returning to check out my second post in the positive blog tour. If you recall my first post, it covered a breathing technique which is very helpful for bringing calm and helping to center one’s self. Today I’m going to go one step further and help you follow a guided visualization.
As before, you need to make yourself comfortable, either lying flat on your back, or sitting in a comfortable chair, without crossing your legs or arms.
Now start your breathing, remember we count to four and take a breath in on one, out on two, in on three and out on four.  Continue with this until you feel at ease.
I want you to imagine that you’re looking at the tips of your toes on both of your feet, see them clearly, and point the toes. Do this only in your mind…and then release. Repeat this and move upwards towards your ankles. Again, see your feet in your mind, point the toes and tense the ankles and release…as before you need to do this twice. Continue in this method as you move up to your calves…then your thighs… your hips. Check your breathing and continue upwards to your stomach and your chest…focus on the breaths as they draw in and out…don’t rush…be calm. You will begin to feel more and more relaxed as you continue down each arm, to your fingers and then to your face. Concentrate on your face and feel the tiny muscles in your face relax as you continue the visualization of tensing muscles, then releasing.
Now once you’ve moved from toes to head, you can rest long by continuing with your breathing…or sleep… or slowly open your eyes and continue with your day.

You should feel wonderful and refreshed. I hope you do! Because I want you to join me next time for another guided visualization where we’ll concentrate on the aura.

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  1. It's been a while since I actively performed yoga and relaxation exercises. Thank you so much for these posts. I feel so much better. It's funny how we allow life and other stressers to make us forget the simple things we can do for the betterment of ourselves. Namaste.

  2. Awesome Julie! I shall work on this:)