Friday, 19 June 2015

Positive monthly blog - Meditation with color

Hey Peeps!
In our last session I took you on a guided visualization. Today we’re going to do another one, but this time we’ll concentrate on your aura.
I’m not going to go into detail of what the aura is as I’m sure the majority of peeps already know, but what you may not know is that everyone’s is a different color. Depending on what type of person we are…and what we’re doing, determines the color.
For example, I happen to know mine is usually cyan blue in my natural state, which is the color for communication, but if I meditate or channel, it changes.
Emotional and physical damage can show in a person’s aura and by doing this visualization we will help to restore the color to our aura and also help repair the chakra’s.
… and again, I won’t go into details about the chakra’s but you should know the 7 major ones each have a specific color assigned to them
The crown – violet
The brow – indigo
The throat – blue
The heart – green
The stomach/solar plexus – yellow
The sacral (groin) – orange
The base – red
Let’s begin by settling in a chair or lay flat on the bed, or the floor depending on where it is most comfortable for you.
Settle into a relaxed state by counting the breaths as we did in our first session…once you feel relaxed I want you to imagine your body is surrounded by violet light. In your mind, see it flow around your body and then as you breathe in, take in the violet color and let it pour into the top of your head. Imagine the chakra on your head as a wheel, which is spinning clockwise and let the violet color flow through it and into your body.
Now do the same again but this time visualize the color indigo… let is swirl around you before drawing it into your brow chakra and into your body.
Once more do this with the color blue, and when you draw it into your body, it comes in via the throat chakra.
Continue now with the color green and bring this into your heart chakra and then yellow, which comes in through your stomach/solar plexus chakra.
We’re almost done, two more… The next one is orange which you will draw in through your sacral chakra before the final color red which comes in through the base chakra.
Now take a moment, breath and relax and imagine all of these beautiful colors inside and outside of your body.  Relax and take your time, there’s no rush…stay for as long as you are able and once you are ready to stop let the colors slowly disappear.
I want you to imagine you are wrapped in a huge cloak, which you pull over your head to cover the chakra at the top and wrap it all around you, covering all the other points where we’ve been concentrating the colors and once you are completely enveloped, you may open your eyes .
You should feel relaxed, stress free and full of energy.
I hope you take the time to continue with this meditation technique, I have found it very helpful to me in the past, and I trust you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Thank you for joining me.

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