Monday, 31 August 2015

Fantazia #sneakypeek #audio #sample

Hey peeps,
I thought I should give you another sneaky peek from Fantazia... you ready?

Fantazia is available on Amazon, ebook and audio book...also iTunes. Check out the sample on Soundcloud too.

I feel the soft sheepskin leather cuff fastened around my wrist, but I don’t make any movement and just let Jasper do what he wants. After he’s finished with my other wrist, and ankles, he stood at the end of the table.
“Bend your knees.”
I obey and he quickly attaches a fastening from each wrist cuff to each ankle cuff. I begin to feel a little uneasy as my legs are spread apart, displaying my wares.
“Don’t tense, you’re doing really well.”
“I’m trying, but I feel exposed.”
“That’s the whole point; now stop trying to squeeze your knees together. It doesn’t make any difference; I can still see what you’ve got.” He snorted
Great, just fucking great. At least I trimmed and shaved this morning! That’s taken a load off and I only have to worry about him seeing my pink parts in all their glory!
“You look good enough to eat.”


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